Amit  Shankar



An awarded Creative Director, a best -selling author, motivational speaker and more.


During his tenure at the top advertising agencies, he has spearheaded communication for Fortune 500 brands like Nestle, GM,  Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, WHO, Canon and GSK.


A keen strategist, he has also been on the other side of the table; as a client. During his stint with Nortel; a Canadian telecom brand, he was able to blend creativity with numbers, delivering a potent marketing cocktail.


As CEO of one of the largest animation studios, Sparrow 3D, courtesy his creative panache and an aggressive GTM, he put the agency in a different orbit, multiplying the bottom line.

A regular speaker at the top universities, management institutes, his leadership workshops for senior corporate executives are much in demand.


A passionate teacher, he holds writing workshops for students, teaching them the finer nuances of writing.


He also has 5 best selling titles to his credit. His title, Flight of the Hilsa and Chapter 11 have represented 'Contemporary Indian Fiction' at the Frankfurt and Beijing Book Fair.


Founder of, The Great Indian Literary Festival, India's only regional festival, he strives to promote regional writing and writers and reviving the rich legacy of our literature.


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